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Oct 22, 2009

07 ghost tries to start off with a bang as the main characters life is turned upside down by a resurfacing memory. Then, pretty much nothing happens for the next 7 episodes, except cheesy dialogue, lots of flashback and predictable character development. The rest of the series is mostly made up of random events strung together in some sort of a plot, issues being resolved only to torture the protagonist again later on.

Like this, the series slowly crawls to about episode 24 where all of a sudden all the sense, action and tension the 10 something episodes before that lacked are used up at once. Because of this, I might just watch at least the first episode of the second season that is most likely to come. But just maaaaybe. XD 

People talking about yaoi undertones: No. just no. There is a strong manly friendship between some of the characters, but it isn't of a romantic nature. Even when one character says he loves the other one, it's meant as his best friend.

The series is watchable, but please don't expect anything great or even good. I would have liked more depth, and stability in emotion, especially from the main character, who kept getting together his resolve and losing it in the brink of an eye. The political tension and maneuvering that was tried to infuse the story with at some point remained dull and uninspired. Also, the nun trio(pretty much the only females aside from the mermaid thing that just made nyuu noises most of the time) became increasingly annoying, bordering on the aggravating with their goody-goody god is so wonderful comments all the time.

One last thing: It would have been great if the mangaka or animation team would have picked up a german dictionary even once. As a native speaker,when one of the main characters(Frau) is being pretty bad-ass, or teaching the main character something important, and then his name is said, which means woman, or more commonly used, wife, this just ruins the moment and makes it hard taking what is happening seriously. More ridiculous names like countries called "answer" and "soul" show that no attention whatsoever was paid to this.

Overall, watch it if you have to, it's not a complete waste of time, but there are way better things out there, like D-Gray.Man if you're looking for something better with a similar feel to it. The manga is a good tip as well.

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3.5/10 overall
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PlatapusSpasmAK47 Mar 6, 2010

I don't know, I don't think people should watch this series even for the action bits. They're anti climactic, and frankly, Teito whining for the rest of the time did not even in the least bit entertain me. This is probably the biggest let down of 2009 animes.

yipeskop Oct 23, 2009

@KapiTezuka: That sure is an interesting interpretation. I guess it could work either way depending on how you decide to view it. Also, I don't see why we can't discuss things like this in here. After all, it's perfectly on topic about your review, there is no spoiler tag feature, and plus we still forewarned the readers of the spoilers. :)

KapiTezuka Oct 23, 2009

Warning, may contain spoilers! @ Yipeskop : I don't think Frau was named that way intentionally, to be honest. The other german names and places are very random, and don't make sense in the least, so I doubt this is different from that. The chains were really weird, indeed. I kept asking myself: WTF, when are they finally taking them off? Yet they didn't seem to bother him in the least. I was more interpreting them as a symbol for Teitos past that he was unaware of yet still chained and controlled by.

The collar, okay. Frau only used it once to control the red-eyed one taking over. They pissed each other off all the time yet Frau never used it to control Teito, which I saw as a sign of their forming bond and growing trust. Also, please remember Fraus vast collection of magazines. I guess it all comes down to individual interpretation. XP 

Oh, and about the blushing: Teito is a person that was not allowed to have feelings for a long time, so of course he blushes when voicing his innermost, deepest ones. It happens to me too. ^^; 

I did however pick up a vibe between Labrador and Castor, on the other hand. Really interesting how differently one can interpret things. XD

Potential Spoiler end.

@ dopestarr, thank you.

PS: I'm still new here, so not sure if one is allowed to discuss in reviews in the form i just did. 

yipeskop Oct 22, 2009

Warning, contains spoilers about the show's yaoi undertones. (for the slight chance that someone even cares...)

I agree very much with your review, but would argue against your statement of there being no yaoi undertones. I'd first start off with what you said about Frau's name. If that it indeed true, then it would only support my argument in saying that Frau's relationship with Teito is more than just friendship. Also, In the first nine episodes, Teito is uselessly wearing prison chains that don't restrict him in the slightest. This this only serves as a sign that he is the uke or one who would submit. After he loses the chains, he gains collar for the rest of the series with the master of the collar being Frau. That is to say Frau is meant to be the seme, or one who is to attack. Also don't forget the countless times that the characters blush in response to what the other says. Not to mention that this is from a manga that is aimed at females. All of this points to yaoi undertones. I could go on with more examples if you wish, but I think this is enough to prove my point.

dopestarrr Oct 22, 2009

completely agree with every word and have nothing to add!!!))

thnx for review!