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Konnichiwa~ As you may have noticed the name is Kat. And I am proud to call myself a Geek Girl. I love video games and hopefully one day I can create my own. I'm an artist and from the many awards a good one at that. I play Dungeons and Dragons even to this day as my boyfriend as DM. I work at Gamers Choice, as the website Administrator and graphics designer. And I'm loving every moment of it. ^^ But above all else I am an Otaku!

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CeZaS93 Dec 5, 2012

Happy birthday =^.^=

OtakuDan Jun 23, 2008

hi kat-chan, meow!!!

sothis May 21, 2008

Yay!!! ^_^ Thanks for doing them ;)

A suggestion, btw... if you think the recommendation works the other way too (your text makes it seem like you do for the ones you've submitted so far), you might want to check the "create reverse recommendation" box. It will take the exact same reason and make the rec in the other direction. The key with that though is to make sure the reason works both ways - yours mostly do, except the first sentence. Instead if you just say "If you liked either E7 or Eva, you'd like the other because both have blah blah" or something similar, then it works both ways, bam! :p

I sometimes don't do one way recs for situations such as... a series sucks complete ass and i want to recommend something better for it, or I already have 6 for the other direction, etc ^_^