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Lying is my specialty, but truth be told, I'm kinda bad at being honest. Isn't strange, that it's always the truth that seems the most suspicious? With a beep, bap, boop, and a floating sensation night becomes an irregular reflection. With two beats, it glows. I wonder if it's okay to complain once in awhile. Hey, lets have a nice little talk. I've got a stupid habit of hurting myself, but I can't sit still any longer so how about a short, funny story? An extraordinary, strange part of me, but I pretend to be normal. It's something I've been worrying about. 10 years seem to have passed since the day I heard that "monster's" voice. It swallowed up my heart, "keep lying", it said and so I've been lying ever since. There isn't a single person or thing I can't fool. I was reduced to a "monster". Ah, I'm so sorry don't cry! Everything's just a lie, okay? Oh my, that's underhanded! What disgraceful behavior! I'll deceive you. Even if I say that don't you actually feel it's creepy? As I lie and turn my back, my lies pile up. Today, again I sneer in tedium. Beep, bap, boop, even as a girl who seems to hate the disappearing night. Two beat, even as a boy who hates lies that make people cry. That's right, just like that an insignificant "ideal" has been input and it swallowed up my heart. Furthermore, we realised that we deceive. Even if my ideals simply came true, I can't live alone in this world. Is that another lie? Nope, it's the truth! It feel like my brain will fall apart as it becomes filled up with "no". Oh my, that's underhanded! Listen some more, to my heart, my greed, this lie, the real one. Though I say I'm lonely, I won't change. I'm always so amazed that I almost grin. Oh my, that's underhanded! I hate this! Listen some more. It's shocking, can I no longer be saved? "No problem", you say, and you never change. Ah, I missed. Again this unpleasant self drowns, like always. Ah, I spoke too much didn't I? That's because this is just a 'made-up story'. Well then, I'll end it here. The next time the signal rings, let's have an even more wonderful conversation.

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