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Hello! I'm Nancie! I love watching anime, listening to music, drawing, writing, reading, snow, beaches, chatting, Japan. I'm trying to learn Japanese, I find it incredibly facinating! I'm generally a nice, kind girl but I can get aggressive at times. I'm sweet, and fun to be with. I'm a sucker for romance. And my favourite colour is Pink. :D

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namine14 says...

Yay!, being good is always good.


Jan 10, 2009
namine14 says...

I'm good.


Jan 10, 2009
MajinV says...

oh my goshhh yes! o.o


why? xD


Jan 10, 2009
MajinV says...


Dark days? winter? snow? Oh yeah I love it! lets trade places as soon as possible

well have you seen Death Note? its very similar in the way Lelouch (main character) manipulate people. On the other hand it is a Mechas anime, even if you dont like mechas (as me) you might love Code Geass. It is very psychological and full of drama this show.


Jan 10, 2009
MajinV says...

Fine, just finished to watch Code Geass R2, great show! We are in summer here you know, and I dont like it xD i love winter and cold days so Im not very good ^^ :P

What about u?

They kiss you? birds? how is that? can  they do that? many questions, only one answer :P

Jan 8, 2009