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Hajimemashite, Kaname Kurisu desu. ^_^ Hi, my name (on here) is Kaname Kurisu - but you can call me Kurisu, or Ku-chan if you want to.

The first anime I ever laid eyes on was the dubbed Speed Racer, in re-re-reruns when I was very young. Much, much later, I was introduced to Vampire Hunter D, Slayers, Ah! My Goddess, and Ghost in the Shell (all dubs) by friends, but I didn't really get properly bitten by the anime bug until just the past few years or so.

I am an introvert who is often cleverly disguised as an extrovert (yeah, go ahead, figure that one out - most people who know me in person don't get it either o_<), but if you get me started talking about a subject I'm interested in or want to learn about, good luck getting me to *stop* talking... ^_^

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chikoritaBH says...

I'm reading Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto. xD And then I have to write a project about the development in Lithuania before it became a member of the EU. :D

Oct 16, 2012
Jet says...

 Hey. Looks lively here :).

Seems like you'r still in school, but started with Speed racer :o. Impressive.

Oct 16, 2012
Dario97 says...

you're welcome :D you should watch Gintama :3 it's awesome comedy ^____^

Oct 16, 2012
Dario97 says...

The sixth one came xDD Welcome to A-P :) Enjoy the site ^__^ 

Oct 16, 2012
chikoritaBH says...

You are welcome. :) How are you? :D

Oct 16, 2012