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Hajimemashite, Kaname Kurisu desu. ^_^ Hi, my name (on here) is Kaname Kurisu - but you can call me Kurisu, or Ku-chan if you want to.

The first anime I ever laid eyes on was the dubbed Speed Racer, in re-re-reruns when I was very young. Much, much later, I was introduced to Vampire Hunter D, Slayers, Ah! My Goddess, and Ghost in the Shell (all dubs) by friends, but I didn't really get properly bitten by the anime bug until just the past few years or so.

I am an introvert who is often cleverly disguised as an extrovert (yeah, go ahead, figure that one out - most people who know me in person don't get it either o_<), but if you get me started talking about a subject I'm interested in or want to learn about, good luck getting me to *stop* talking... ^_^

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Jet says...

  My bad. Took a quick look at you list, and confused Chaos;Head with Steins;Gate. At least my another analogue was intended :D.

 You make it sound so grand^^. I'm a postgraduate, but could have finished my studies last year, if not for anime, mmo, movies, etc). You discuss education here, so decided to ask :).

Oct 20, 2012
chikoritaBH says...

Yes! :D That's even worse than being a regular otaku. :D I'm more dangerous for the society. :D

Oct 20, 2012
chikoritaBH says...

A bad diagnosis. Because according to tests which I sometimes do, I'm not an otaku at all. xD My score is always so low... I had zero points once. And I could get 24 points. :D:D

Oct 18, 2012
Jet says...

lol, no, I do not recommend Astroboy, but it's the most oldschool among 'em all :). The original is a black&white shounen :D. So, guess, if you 're into stuff like that, might give this series a try. It's Tezuka's work too. The guy, who's considered the greatest and the godfather of all anime). Don't judge him by Astroboy, Metropolis and such tho. Childish shows and manga had never been Osamu's forte, not sure, why he produced that many of 'em. Are you really in need of recommendations? I'm puzzled by your list. You are obviously in the process of filling, since mentioned titles in bio, which are nowhere to be found in stats. And you'r currently in the process of watching your top1 :o. Well, if you like Steins;Gate that much, check out Robotics;Notes (the indirect sequel) and the original game. Grave of the Fireflies is great, but Barefoot Gen 1&2 are equal. Lots of recs seem pinpoint here, on AP :).    

 Is your school of general education or specializes in something?

Oct 18, 2012
chikoritaBH says...

I know, I know... xD

My mentality is full of childish and perverted stuff... :D An maniac... xDDDD

I will be a dictator when I rule the world... :D  Haha! xD My diagnosis...!? 

Oct 17, 2012