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ISML 2013 Phase III Day 1 Results

18 MAR

Bracket A: Mine Riko defeated Sakura Kyouko by 99 points; Riko will be competing against Takanashi Touka.

Bracket B: Makise Kurisu outright flattened her competition and will be competing against Ayukawa Tenri.

Bracket C: Kaname Madoka was defeated.

Bracket E: Oda Nobuna was defeated.

Bracket G: Kanzaki H. Aria defeated her competition and will be competing against Irisviel von Einzbern.

Bracket H: Akemi Homura will be competing against Elucia de Lute Ima. (Aw, crap...)

Bracket I: Tomoe Mami was defeated.

Bracket J: Gasai Yuno was defeated.

Bracket L: Shimada Minami and Shiina Mayuri were both defeated.

Bracket M: Kirishima Shouko will be competing against Inaba Himeko.

Bracket O: Sanka Rea will be competing against Shiomiya Shiori. (I say again: aw, crap...)

(Italicized brackets are ones that still have any of my girls in them as of tomorrow morning.)

So out of fifteen of my girls who got this far in the prelims (without advancing to the regular season), eight are left standing... and only a maximum of six can advance to the regular season because two pairs of them are going to be competing against each other in Round 2. Eep.

Sayonara to Kyouko, Madoka, Nobuna, Mami, Yuno (YUNO!!!!! *sniffle*) Minami and Mayushii (MAYUSHIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!); I love you! <3

Pssst. Hey, you. Yeah, you, with the honest face. You should vote for my girls. You love them. You know you do. ;-)

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