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Jun 16, 2010

Elo everyone. Welcome to my review of one of Japan's most beloved moe-blob shows, K-ON!. To all the haters that have already looked at my scores for this anime and want to bite my head off: Just go somehwere else, please. If you disagree with me and want to disscuss it nicely feel free to post a comment :)

(This is my first review, please stick with me here ^-^)      

Story- 6.5 / 10

   K-ON!'s storyline isn't very complicated or hard to follow whatsoever. In fact, it's quite simple. Yui is a freshmen in high school who can't seem to decide what club to join. She looks all around the school for a club to join, until she stumbles upon the Light Music Club that is trying to be revived by Ritsu, another freshman with an entergetic personality. Ritsu decides to play the drums, Yui decides to play Guitar, Mio, a friend who Ritsu dragged right along into the club, plays bass, and Tsumugi, who also joins the club, plays keyboard.

 The story isn't anything brand new to anime, you can find dozens of anime that center around music or bands. Music based animes can range from little kid animes to more mature material. K-ON! seems to fall right in between. Despite not being very original, K-ON! still proves itself entertaining throught out almost all the episodes. The comedy is can sometimes be average funny, or laugh out loud funny, but I never felt bored. For example, when Mio goes crazy over her fears or when Sawako tries to dress them in her homade outfits, I usually find myself laughing along during the moment. I give my kudos to K-ON! for keeping my very, very, short attention span.

 The rest of the story is handled well, from the rare serious moments to everything in between. The only con about the story is not being the most original anime on the block. If you've seen too many music/comedy series lately and want to take a break from them, or if you hate moe with a passion, K-ON! is not something for you. But if you like cute, fun, lighthearted comedy, then give the series a shot.

 Animation- 8 / 10

The animation in K-ON!, quite like the story, is simple, yet enjoyable. The colors are pastels with a tad bit of dark blue or black. Movement is smooth and natural. The scenery (trees, buildings, ect.) arn't the most detailed, but work for a light hearted anime like K-ON!. Kyoto Animation did a wonderful job with the lighting of certain scenes (The fireworks behind Yui when she played her guitar in episode four, shots in the evening, ect,) and certainly deserves praise.

The character designs are cute, just like moe characters should be. The only downside is that for someone just starting the series, it can be hard to tell Yui and Ritsu apart, as well as Mio and Azusa. The series has little to no fanservice, which for me, is a plus. The only hints of fan service is when Sawako dresses the girls in her homemade outfits or when KyoAni uses a bowl of rice to symbolize a panty shot. (It sounds weird, but it acually isn't hard to understand what it means.) The bottom line is than K-ON! had excellent animation despite some characters looking a like for someone new to the series.

 Sound- 6 / 10

While K-ON! is an anime that centers around music, it's soundtrack isn't as much up to par as some other music based anime, or even non-music based for that matter. A majority of the background melodies and insert songs are forgetable. The song that made the biggest impact for the series was "Don't Say Lazy", a song which had great popularity among the fans. While it is a decent song, I didn't grow to attached on to it. Same for the opening. It was a good song, but I just didn't care much for it overall. I might get killed for saying this, but I acually like the opening song more than "Don't Say Lazy".

Voice acting, on the other hand, is far better than the music. The voices weren't annoying after thirteen episodes, and they fit the characters like a glove. I wouldn't have had the cast any other way.

 Characters- 7.5 / 10

Much like the story, a majority of the characters have been done a million times before. We have the moe-moe airhead, Yui, the shy girl that tries to stand up for herself and be responsible, Mio, the go-with-the-flow tea-serving girl, Tsumugi, the entergetic one, Ritsu, the responsible underclassmen, Azusa, and their advisor, the teacher who has a strange hobby of making fetishy (is that even a word?) clothing, Sawako. There is also a few side characters in the story such as Ui, Yui's responsible younger sister, and Nodoka, the class president.

Even though we've had many characters like them in the past with different series, the characters in K-ON! still feel fresh in the many ways they are used through out the series. Each character does their job wonderfully, and the cast feels like they all belong. A common mistake a lot of anime series make is having so large of a cast that some characters could easily be dropped and still make no difference to the acual storyline. K-ON!, for the most part, avoided this. The only character that felt like they were thrown in there just for the heck of it was Azusa, who came in halfway through the series.


Overall- 7.5 / 10

K-On! is a light hearted somedy that can be enjoyed by moe lovers and casual fans all around as long as you go into it with an open mind. If your expecting a masterpiece like Clannad or Kanon, then your already setting yourself up to be dissapointed by the series. So remember, If you want to have an enjoyable time, then keep your mind open to the series fun jokes and cute moments, you'll surely be entertain at least by the first few episodes.

6.5/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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