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Current Thoughts 1


I'm addicted to Haruhi. I have seen the first season, and I'm currently watching the second. I just ordered the light novel off amazon yesterday, and can't wait for it to come! (Even though I have to -.-) And of course I'm surffing the new V3 with the Haruhi Layout. XD

I've been busy working on AMV beta's for the youtube tornament's I'm participating in. I lost my creativity a little bit ago, but now it's back :D I'm in 3 beta tournaments. A new beta is set to be uploaded on my AMV channel in tomorrow! (On July 7)

I finished K-ON! on July 4. I have this weird tradition of finishing an anime on every important holiday to me that I started last Halloween. It went like this: Shugo Chara! on Halloween, Inuyasha on Christmas, Haruhi on New Years, Shakugan no Shana on Valentines, and now K-ON! for July 4th. Wonder what I'll finish tomorrow (July 7th) for the Star Festival. Probably Higurashi, 12 episodes in 2 days is a piece of cake for me. XD


sothis avatar sothis
Jul 6, 2009

Shugo Chara eh? Therik is currently going through S2 and loves it, you guys should chat :D

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