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Hand Shakers

Jan 10, 2017

So uhm yeah hand shakers,

*spoiler alert*

writen by someone who is not a native speaker and has dyslexia lol

- first episode review -

Hand shakers starts off with a echi kinda hentai thingy, so my first thought was wtf. I know some girls like tentacels, but chains I don't know man. Oke that aside it starts with a guy who is good in repairing things like watches, mp3 players and other technical stuff. He has a job from his kaicho to repare her mp3 player. Kaicho who has obviously a big chest, is also a kind of tarrot card reader. And she predicts that something big is going to happen. After school the boy (tazuna i think his name was) has to go to an university to help repair something for his sensei. At the university he finds out a kind of hospital room wer he finds this girl who reminds him of his sister (I hope that this anime doesn't end up with a sister-complex!) He grabs her hand and shit is happening en passes out. When he wakes up he meets his sensei, the sensei explaines that the boy and girl are handshakers and the can't let go of each others hand because if they do the girl will die. Then sudden there are everywhere chains, the girl is back with her sexual chain obssesion and some kind of dude is making her horny with his power to control chains (?) Some fighting going on and it ends with a cliffhanger.

So yeah I'm kinda interested in next week episode, I hope it's less echi stuff. I think that this anime can have a pretty interesting story.

P.s. the art is beautifull it reminds me of K (project), maybe because it's from the same studio (Gohands)

P.s. when they say the can't let go of each others hand, my first thougt was how the f*ck are the going to the toilet.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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