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Im a weird person.. My mind is seriously screwed up, but I hope we'll get along :) ehh Im lazy, funny, chaotic:, etc.. I probably have many mental disorders but Ive never been tested:/ (there is no need to test an obvious crazy person^^) And there are a lot of terms or things Ive never heard of before.. (Thats what you get when you live under a rock for 17 years :| ) So please help me when I ask something you see as basic knowledge.. :)

Likes: Anime, games(strategy), reading(regular books, manga and light novels) and sports(various kinds), holidays, funny- crazy- cool- nice- intelligent people and food.

Dislikes: Arrogant people, needles, moths, school, the system, bullies, people who quit in the middle of a game, things that end, people who wont let you finsih your argument...ehh probably much more that I forced my self to forget... :D

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