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So, after reading the other three reviews and taking them into consideration, I decided to write my own review on [C]-The money of soul and possibility control. Overall, I found this anime to be very interesting and nice, good paced plot, clear, and very interesting. A lot of this anime could have been touched up, such as the battle scenes, characters, and the plot as well could have been done up, but despite of all that, it was still a very good show, and I recommend for you to watch it.

Story: 7/10

Now, the story is a good story, and contains several interesting back stories for the main characters, and also a clear plot. After watching anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion I can't under estimate the fact that for an anime to be good, you need to explain the plot, and make sure the watcher understands what's going on, unless you're actively using suspense and will reveal it all at the end. The plot of C is a little bit shaky in some areas, but despite that, is very good. It starts out with this guy in college named Yoga Kimimaro, and how he is flat out broke and works two jobs for money (sounds like me in about a year), barely eching an existence out in modern day Japan. However, one day this man, who calls himself Masakaki, shows himself to Yoga and asks him if he wants lots of cash for nothing more in return than his future as collateral (that's perfectly fine), and Yoga, after some reservations, agrees. Thus he enters the Financial District, an alternate parallell world that explicitly controls the worlds fate seeing as people barter their futures, and he is forced to fight in Deals (battles) once a week in order to survive. Good so far right?

Well, the plot is interesting, but I feel they kinda crammed it into too few episodes, when in reality they could have gone much more in depth into the show. They rushed through the characters background sometimes, and despite the original cool sensations I got from the battles (after watching episode two, I was pumped for this show) I feel they kinda decline after this, but still adding some cool scenes to the anime. The story is good, but a lot of the potential is untouched, and I feel they could have really taken it and run with it: it's a chip off the iceberg. And they had a really lot of material to work with.

Animation: 8/10

Now, the animation is very good, and it works well. I liked the Financial District, and how they portrayed it. I mean, they could have made it more unique, and they could have delved into it more, but they did a very good job with it. I like the different style with the characters eyes, gave them a different appearance, and especially with characters like Masakaki, Msyu, and Q especially, giving them more of an otherworldly appearance. 

Also, the battle scenes are smooth and clear: there is no losses of quality amongst the animation, and they keep it flowing smoothly. (Bleach, for how long it's been running, loses a lot of it's quality amidst it's battles, annoys me so much). But the animation is quite good, and well detailed. They present unique faces as well, and also give a different style to each characters faces that make them stand out.

Sound: 9/10

Now, the sound for C is excellent, and there was nothing wrong with it. The opening was good, a nice rousing intro that fit in perfectly with the intro, giving it a futuristic hip kind of feel, and the ending was nice and uplifting, very happy and well paced. I loved the sound, the openings were perfect for this whole anime, and I enjoyed it. I have added the music to my personal collection amongst anime songs that I like, and I don't think I shall forget. 

Other than that, I don't have much to say, so moving onto the next section: the cast! 


Now, the characters are interesting, but they hold so much untouched potential. (I'm really going to do a lot of background research on C, since I loved it, but I found it some of it lacking.) The characters are intense, and there is one particular aspect that I loved: there is no clear main villain. Mikuni was just another tortured person, who was victim of fate, and wanted to fight against it. He chose doing this by selling his and others futures in order to gain money to help preserve the present, while Yoga wanted both. Yoga and Mikuni were both good characters that I feel had a lot of depth to them, but were untouched. Q could have been gone into with more depth as well, and as well as Msyus development. She was such an original and good character with how she thought and perceived the world, and how she was so different from Yoga, her fiery temperament to his what's the word I'm looking for...ah yes, indifferent. He really didn't care about winning or losing, and I feel they should have gone into that with his father and such. Also, his mother was virtually unmentioned, so. But the characters were interesting, and they left you with a clear imprint of where they lay, how they thought, and why they did what they did. I feel they could just have been delved into. 

Another I liked, particularly about the Assets, was that they were representative of the Entrepreneurs future. They could have gone really deep with that, and they didn't...sadly. 

The final point I wish to make is particularly about the relationship between Yoga and Msyu. They did such a good job of this in nearly two episodes and it was so sweet (I'm a total romantic, love love stories haha) and I wished they could have gone into it more, like made it a bit slower, paced it out, and gave us more sweet scenes. 

Overall: 6.5/10

Now, I loved this anime, and I recommend it to anyone. However, I believe it was shorter than it should have been, and that they could have done up the plot as well. Otherwise, I was extremely satisfied, and I liked the anime. The characters were interesting, if left untouched, and the whole feel of the plot was very good. Sound and animation were great, and despite all my complaints, [C]-The money of soul and possibility control is definitely one of my favorite animes, and I would recommend watching it. Just don't expect it to blow your mind or something. Either way, it's a nice ride.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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