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about me

My name is Sabine, I'm 15 and I like anime. I like to draw it, I like to watch it. :p My hobbies are drawing, writing, singing, reading and that kinda shit. :p One of the things what are driving me crazy are - writing fanfics. :D I don't suggest you to read them (mine), if you're not fan of yaoi. ^^ I got infected not very long time ago, but it's... Haha. :D Exciting. At last I have something to think about and it isn't 'The meaning of life' or 'Why the $%&* am I girl' or 'Do I really excist'. xDD

I think I'm cool. :D And that isn't in the way of I look. :p It's my personality. (By the way - i drew my avatar myself :p)

Man, I REALLY sound like crazy. :D I shouldn't write this all.

Send me letter, if you want to know more. :p xDD


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Rince avatar Rince


Dec 13, 2008

is you being crazy anything new :P??

acazalia avatar acazalia


Nov 4, 2008

yup^^ want it?

acazalia avatar acazalia


Nov 4, 2008

I don't know, looked for it myself...but didn't find anything ;( I want to edit my profile too...


acazalia avatar acazalia

Thanks! ^_^

Nov 4, 2008

Haha, thanks, but somehow id dissapeared ;(

I really liked it...

acazalia avatar acazalia


Nov 3, 2008

Damnit, can't edit my bio -.-

*prepares for the war against the evil edit profile*

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