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Seeing as how over a year has passed since I wrote the last thing here and the fact that theres not really anyone to read it and that it was outdated....Im just gonna leave this message here instead.

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CeZaS93 says...

Happy birthday =^.^=

Dec 7, 2012
KittyMia says...

Well, I'm never sure when you are on :P I'm on this site a lot to fix my manga list XD

Sep 20, 2011
KittyMia says...

Just leaving you some love since we didn't have a looong talk like we used to in ages :P Have fun at work and school =^.^=

Sep 14, 2011
KittyMia says...

Eeeh~ I just noticed your comment XD lol anyway, you need to update your list faster so I know how much more I need to watch :P but no way I'll be watching some boring stuff just cause I have nothing else to do!! You know I prefere manga. I can tell who'll you add first to the love list ;) it's Tessa right? WAIT!!! You didn't add her yet?!

Jun 1, 2011
Jhade says...

You didn't have time to watch anime? xD What did you do to your wii?

Feb 21, 2009