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Hi iam kaj, i love anime like there is no tomarrow, i just cant go a day without watching at lest one ep. of my faves lol, i hope to meat alot of mew ppl here as well as find some new anime to watch... I am on aim alot but i will be afk most of the time so if u want to try and catch me on there go ahead lol, if u sind me a message plz dont be upset if i ask who you are right away in a some what mean way, my friends like to joke with me and make me gess, so if i ask who you are plz just let me know that you are a anime lover as i am myself ^_^ well iam off to look for some new anime to watch, if u have sugestions plz let me know cuz i just finished Azumanga Daioh (made me sad) and The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (entill the next series comes out that is) well i will ttyl peace yall X * ~_^ ^_^ ^_~ §Kaj§

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