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bigbadtubadudecra May 26, 2011

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Whassuppeeps Aug 15, 2010

Hii! I'm sorry! I have not got to it yet! I have broke my laptop and my brother won't let me stay on the computer for more than 15 minutes! I'm really sorry but once I get my laptop back, I'll start watching it! ^_^

Whassuppeeps Jul 8, 2010

Hii KaitouKido!!!!

  Hah, it's ok. Oh my gosh, it's cool that you lived there but you actually was BORN there??? I am so jealous!! ^_~  Lol, I understand what you mean!! Haha, I am also busy trying to fit in doing my homework and watching anime and it hasn't been working that well. -_- So, I am planning on watching Detective Conan (Case Closed) over the weekend so that I can fit in most of the episodes since there are so many episodes in the series. But so far, I have been reading some reviews on Detective Conan and have been seeing great results so I am very excited on watching the series!! ^_^ What did you think about the series???

~Whassuppeeps ^_~

Whassuppeeps Jul 2, 2010

You rock!! Thanks so much for everything! and ok, I'll try watching the series after I finish the one I'm on right now. And good because I sometimes can't really understand things really well LOL! Andd *gasp*!! Cool! You lived in Japan?!?!!? What's it like over there?? I always wanted travel there!! (; And yes, it answers my questionn!! (:

~Whassuppeeps ^_^

Whassuppeeps Jul 1, 2010

Oh, I almost forgot! Thanks for being my first replyer on my blog! And I'll definetly try the series out! I also have a question. In Detective Conan, does it contain many bloody or gory scenes? I don't exactly like those kinds of animes because they kinda creepy... LOL Anyways, thanks!! (: