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Truthfully theres not all that much to say, but here goes :D.

Im a begining anime junkie in my third year of studying Japanese, and without a doubt your "typical" art kid lol. Im still in highschool but i plan on finding a art college, and or somewhere I can study japanese, art , and philosiphy at the same time XP if thats even possible.

In any case My favorite anime are the ones that are both action and plot oriented. The ones that break taboos and raise questions about every subject that they touch upon. The anime that make you think about their issues, and those that make you bond with the charachters enough that laughing crying, weeping, are all looming possibillities. But most of all they have to be intelligent. I can't stand anything that has more about their special moves than it does about the actual charachters, but nor can I really appriciate slice of life anime dramas. In the end i think those that I appriciate the most are the anime that have not only battle, but rather battle of will and genius, the ones pitting ideal against ideal, and moral against moral. And if the intruige is thick, the tension mounting, and every fiber of my being just waiting for each action, its a masterpiece :D.

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