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About Myself:

I'm a 16 year old guy, who likes to watch Anime and read Manga.

My favorite genres are;


I like Martial Arts and others aswell, but those are my favorite ones.

I Absolutly Dislike Drama/Josei/Mystery, I just can't watch those kind of genres.

My Anime list has over 1000+ as Watched, Which means i have seen all Seasons/Ovas/Movies from that specific Anime.

My Ratings will be explained below.

That way you'll know what i ranked them for, and why.

5 Stars ; Must Absolutly Watch ( Might Rewatch/ Have Rewatched )

4 Stars ; Very good ( Worth Rewatching )

3 Stars ; Entertaining, Defi worth my time.

2.5 Stars or below ; Worth watching to kill time.

Stalled video's mean i got them on my Notepad to watch later,

But as my Notepad is pretty full right now, they'll stay as stalled untill i have seen my other Anime's before that specific  óne.

Dropped means;

Defi Will NOT watch anymore.

Want to Watch:
Mean's its either a new Anime / Season coming out, or i haven't seen it yet, but i want too, but do not have the time for.

Wont Watch; Just doesn't seem interesting enough or not to my taste for watching.

Life on anime

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Anime ratings

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BaraTsuki Apr 4, 2011

Thank you for the warm welcome. Enjoying my stay so far. So that's good. I don't think I could stop watching anime lol. Well not for long anyway hehe. Thanks once again for telling me about this place and I'll be sure to ask questions if I need help or suggestions or that. =]

Yours Sincerely



sothis Feb 16, 2011

"And i don't see any Females or Males above 30 watching or reading anime/manga.

Which is pretty impressive at self."

I know you didn't mean this to be negative, but just as a tip, once you get to be closer to my age hearing something like this isn't a compliment ;)