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I've been known as Shino and Kai-Rin (most recently Yuki) and still plan to remain anon to a degree.

A gamer at heart, specialized in FPS. I enjoy long walks on the beach (LOL), love anime, read/collect manga, love Jp Pop/Rock/etc. I am an anime collector, I buy wallscrolls, posters, PVC models, gashpons, etc. Of course this is only the series I favor (or if they have hot chicks! ^_~) I enjoy harrassing certain individuals on IRC (such as Maryu, Yuuichi, Hiyono) because it's entertaining. I love sothis, cus she's so my type of gal... did I mention she looks tasty? XD~

As for how the anime thing all started:

I first started to notice anime during elementary when a friend of mine showed me Fushigi Yuugi back on VHS. However, I didn't really start till my 2nd year in Jr High. It started during the DBZ fad when a friend told me about NGE.

I became quite obsessed with NGE at first, however, after a couple months I began looking for more anime to feed my lust. Later, I eventually stumbled upon Love Hina (or was it.. Vandread) in which <person who wishes to remain anon> started using IRC to obtain fansubs.

He -eventually- joined IShin-Digital/Anime. Through him, I met various IRC members, also anime fans, via games. Such as CS, (Headless Cow, Chibi-wing, etc) and that led to Talesweaver followed by RO, where I met others (taiyaki, Shin-san, etc.)

Basically after that time I began staying on IRC and have somewhat become a permanent resident in a particular channel. Since then, I've been obtaining fansubs and haven't really lost total interest in anime. I'm still fairly hardcore, just not as hardcore.

This pretty much concludes my memoirs. *stabs you in the back of the head*

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redfire389 Jul 19, 2008

yo!  nice profile! you have some dropped anime that I also have like death note, naruto, blood+, etc. though im shocked to see you dropped bleach and eureka seven.  I recommend you reconsider watching eureka seven,  I had it dropped myself for some time actually almost with the same episodes, and after a year I continued to watch it and I loved it.

we also have a lot of watched anime in common, though aour top 5 are pretty different XD

i also love fps though im sure not as good as you might be,  maybe I met you somewhere on cs, maybe you are one of  those guys who have easily killed me many times  XDXD

well, see you around and add me if you'd like

astraea Jun 14, 2008

Just dropping by to say hello!

sothis Oct 4, 2007


tetra Oct 4, 2007


Level-up in 'get my will through'!

(I dont think you will regret it) 

tetra Oct 3, 2007

Things like Bleach, Death Note, FMA, Haibane Renmei (!!!!!) and Utawarerumono. Ok, Bleach is way too long, and it sort of spirals away from what I thought it would be, but Haibane...

*has a teardrop in her eye*