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Dec 2, 2012

*Might update this old and horrible review in the future


Well...probably you've already seen most of the score on other reviews here, so i might make it short. This review will also be including the episode special.

Story: Light start, emotional climax

I haven't seen a show this original and well executed fow awhile now. This is the first i've heard of a time travelling themed anime, doesn't really sound interesting at first(at least for teenagers like myself :P). Until much recommendation and finishing the show, it's easy to see why Steins;Gate has made it's way to become one of the top anime.

The show starts in a relatively happy form, with a slow pacing, where they introduced gag ,characters and how things works in the first 10 episodes. But things starts to get serious from there on, and slowly you would be able to feel for the characters as they have really good character build ups. The plot twist are powerful and jam packed with lots of drama, my jaws literally dropped when some of the plot twist were revealed. The ending is also really solid.

Jokes were mostly funny and memorable like Rintarou talking on the phone, but there are a few repetitive ones like Daru's hentai jokes, which got old pretty quickly in a few episodes.

And the 1st 10 eps moves really slowly, but is worthy of watching. It is basically some character developing episodes and explaination on how time travel works briefly. 1st of it gave the viewers just about enough time to like the characters 1st before getting them involved in the main story. And 2nd, if they do not explain what the hell is going on and plunge you straight into the more exciting episodes you most likely will get very confused.

The special episode is made to fill up some of the more minor plot holes, like a glimpse of Suzuha's mother. And it's memorable for how Rintarou tries to speak english again.

Animation: Excellent 8D

Feels really smooth and not a scene is wonky.

Sound: Emotional

There ain't alot of BGMs or OSTs, neither are they really memorable in the long run, but it fits the scenes perfectly and brought up the emotions the characters are experiencing.

Voices actor wise is mostly above average and nice to listen to.

Asami Imai did a good job on voicing for Kurisu, but from time to time her sentences felt odd to listen to as she inhales loudly every time after the final word of her sentence.

Characters: It's so cool! Sonuvabitch.

Steins;Gate contained a relatively small cast, but the script writers made it an advatage instead, every and i mean EVERY character in this series plays an important role in the story's development. Everyone has at least a slight development(well....maybe except for the little girl) and is equally important in each arc. 

Rintarou is also an interesting protagonist, mad scientist, IT'S SO COOL, SONUVABITCH! and the sole reason i was hook to the anime despite the slow pacing at first. He is unique and original, he's not the common "save the world" kind of guy, he is more of a selfish yet caring guy who does everything he can to save his beloved childhood friend. And the fact that Rintarou's emotions mature by travelling in time is just touching to see, as he slowly cared more about the people around him. 

Side chracters are very towards the otaku "culture", mostly cute girls, but thank god it didn't turn into a harem

Overall: Definitely a living legend as of today, worth a look.

What's good: +Engaging Story regarding Time Travel, +Each character plays an important role

What's bad: -Slow pacing at start could scare away some viewers, -Time travel theme will not appeal to everyone

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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KageNoArashi Jan 26, 2013

Yeah...i guess you're right, updated.

Mozuri Dec 10, 2012

Harem? You crazy! Only two characters genuinely liked him, Feiris just had "friend confusion/affection" with him. Also there was plenty of male characters: Okabe, Daru, (Ruka isn't a guy imo), and Mr. Braun! Who cares if they weren't part of any romance, it wasn't really necessary. That would just waste time that could be spent on the story.