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*Will Update this old amatuerish review

*Note 1:I likely would compare Persona 3(game) with Persona 4 

*Note 2:I haven't had a chance to play Persona 4 yet

Story: Cheesy

Personally, the Persona series generally had really exciting plots, inclusive of this one. This mystery driven title compared to the last sequel Persona 3, is slightly more generic in terms of the plot. Plot twist was pretty unexpected. It had good comedy in it but contains some bad troll moments. Episodes were mostly enjoyable and easily likeable but BOTH episodes of the boss battle and ending is kinda cheesy

*Spoilers* And left without solving the final mystery, how did the victims get crucified? It killer(not spoiling) indeed told us his motives, but not how he crucified the victims and i thought it would be really interesting to know.

Pacing was a little too fast as they tried to squeeze 80hrs of gameplay into a 26 episode anime, leading to a couple of messy episodes which might scare away new comers who doesn't know whats going on or how the game works.

The Persona chant is much more catchier and memorable compared to "henshin" sequences like Bankai.


Animation: Excellent

Animation is pretty smooth despite the odd facial expressions drawned time to time. Battles looks pretty intense.

Sound: Also from the original game

Personally i didn't like neither the openings or endings. The BGMs fits the scenarios perfectly.

Character: Nicely fleshed out

 The cast is rather cool, funny and memorable. Each of them has their own background story that brings out the some drama.The protagonist, aka Narukami Yu is made into a rather interesting character thanks to the crew altering with his decisions, most of his choices were negative, hense making lots of commotion(i don't know better words for it :P) with other characters.

Overall: Persona 4 is enjoyable to both fans and new comers. But new comers might get lost in some of the episodes, so it is recommended to at least try out one of their franchise before watching this anime. Trust me, it's worth the money.

What's good: +Character fleshed out abit more, +Persona is catchy, +Feels somewhat close to the original

What's bad: -Rushed concept of the original, -Cheesy story + ending, -Couple of messy episodes

5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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