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[Personal Reminder List] Bad WTW

Critically acclaimed "bad" animes or animes that doesn't look convincing that i want to watch.

  • Fairy Tail
  • Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
  • Accel World
  • Sword Art Online

The Garbage Can

For the sh*tfest of anime (score of 3.5-1/10)

  • Seiri FUKIYOSE
  • Klein

The Hidden Jewel

This is a list for the unpolished jewels hidden in the massive chucks of bland rocks and pebbles that have potential and are interesting individuals, but is ignored by the masses and wasn't polished...

  • Accel World
  • Sword Art Online

The Undeserved

Overrated *CLAP* CLAP* *CLAPCLAPCLAP* List of those who had gotten undeserved applauses