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Game Review: Bleach Heat The Soul 7

27 JAN

*Note: I did not play HTS 6, but i did play HTS 5.

*Personal: Not feeling to well while writing this review, might get updated


Well like most spin-offs, the story is pretty much about what happened during Ichigo's fight with Ulquiorra to Ichigo's fight with Aizen(no final tetsuga). Nothing much to talk about here, it's the exact same story from the series, copy and pasted into the game.

It is seperated into 4 parts: Good guy's view, Special mode 1, Bad guy's view and Special mode 2

When you play as the heroes, the gameplay is rather easy, a little too easy perhaps, it just takes less than or about half an hour to complete(including Special mode 1). The heroes like always, are still overpowered(will elaborate later) and the A.Is proves to be not much of a threat at all.

But it's another way round in the "Villains mode"

During the villains gameplay, there's a sudden difficulty spike for some reason, A HUGE ONE, A.Is are much harder to fight(cauz they're overpowered) and you'll have a hard time enjoying it because your enemy A.Is have a significant advantage.(unless you take it as a challenge). It is either moveset differences (enemy moveset easier to use than yours, and contains much more spammable moves while you could only use melee[will take about that later :P]) or the enemy has a stat boost while you don't, hence your handicapped.

Villain mode is lame as well, it just a reharsh of the same gameplay as the "heroes mode", except this time you're playing as the opposite, nothing new whatsoever. It applys to the Special mode 2, your just playing as the other dude(i never watched this arc/movie idk who he is) instead of Ichigo.

It's like the developers became lazy and just reversed the process instead of making something worth while playing.

Gameplay might get frustrating for some(maybe not if your a fanboy) since your handicapped and the opponents are inbalance.

It took me prolly about 1h30min to beat the storymode, which is rather short.

Every character is unlocked thru the story mode, whereas in HTS 5 you have to finish the Tag Team mode to unlock extra characters (yeah ikr, it's weird). Making the gameplay much duller since you have nothing much to do after finishing the story mode.


New mode: Namely the Heucomundo mode and 4-player mode, honestly nothing much  compared to the past franchises.

HTS 7 allows 4 players to play at once, but the gameplay is still the same, nothing more, just 4 players.(I've never tried to play with my friends tho)

Huecomundo mode...,while personally it felt like they just put this mode in to fill up the spot to make up for the lack of updates. Because this mode is sooooo damm repetitive, it's like a little challenge mode, which progresses thru 3 EXACT SAME LEVELS with the EXACT same opponents you have fought before, just with a different background picture and some different handicaps(not like the ones from the storymode, the handicap here doesn't inbalance the game), it is soooo boring...

And as if Aizen didn't trolled us enough in the series, he is trolling us IN THE F*KIN GAME

After you beat each cycle, Aizen would come out, congratulate you, then reset everything all over again for you to beat it once more... Really, f*k you Aizen...

Plus it is not very rewarding either, what you unlock is the stat boost that you could choose before the start of the match, and nothing else... I was actually expecting to unlock extra characters to play as, like in HTS 5, where hard work actually pays off(The tag-team mode is EXTREMELY grindly as well). But in Huecomundo mode, you'll spend 3-4 hours just trying to beat this mode again and again to see what you can unlock by the end but you get absolutely nothing except for the stats boost....

Not worth investing...thats what i'll tell you...

and NEW CHARACTERS! sorry only 10(compared to HTS 6,that's what i've heard), and 3 of them are forms...

4 players

Moves spamming had always been a major problem to the game, it removes any type of strategy whatsoever, you could literally just press 1 or 2 buttons and you could still win the match. HONESTLY SPEAKING, I've tried doing that, surfing the net while spamming Hollow Ichigo's tetsuga, i just kept spamming the O button and i still WON! That's how spammable moves can be in this game.

Plus, melee is hardly used in this game, majority of the roster has at least 1 or 2 ranged moves they could use, and apparently the ranged skills are much more useful in this game than the melee.

Ironic how Bleach has more melee driven combats in the show but in-game, ranged skills overpowers the melee.

This leads to my next point: Inbalanced Characters, some characters have WAYYYY too much advantage than the others(with a small amount of disability, eg.no blocking), some of them are overly powerful like Hollow Ichigo, with tetsugas and LAAAZORRRS. And my personal favourite:

This dude

He has a RPG like Shakahou(is it spelt this way?) which makes it a highly accurate move, what's more is the Shakahou deals roughly about 900 damage, which is half the damage of an average finisher, making him the most overpowered character in this game(IMO at least), he could kill anyone including Yammy easily. 

And the BAD@SSes like Kenpachi who relies more on melee becomes much harder to use(at least trickier)

The combat system really isn't all that bad, but it became kind of dull when moves are so spammable and the pacing of the game is slow. The two new mechanics(Combo breaker & Combo chainer i believe :P dk the term for it) felt rather useless because of that.


Theres a couple of nice ones but generally, they're forgettable.

Overall: Made solely for the hardcore, casuals might find it a little dull and hard to stay for long

What's good:+New 4 player mode(good or bad depends on personal taste), +Can go online to compare scores(that is if you are hardcore)

What's Bad:-Sudden difficulty spike during storymode playthru, -TONS of spammable moves(makes even the most defenseless characters like Orihime become nearly untouchable), -Character inbalance, -Heucomundo conquest mode is too repetitive and unrewarding, -Only a handful of new updates

Final Verdict:5/10 Passable but has VERY LOW replayability, unless you are a hardcore Bleachtard

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