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What?! No manga ratings?

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sothis Jul 22, 2008

-Titles aren't added until a minimum of 3-4 are out, as we want to have an accurate synopsis up. Each of the titles you mentioned are being worked on.

-Avatar is definitely not Japanese, so it won't be listed in the DB.

Koumangekido Jun 26, 2008

Just because YOU prefer to spend ALL your free time on anime doesnt make ME the n00b. It makes you a newb, at life...

(I prefer to go to work or the bar or a club and get laid then watch anime...usaully) 

Duomaxwe Jun 21, 2008

Naa... I saw one episode or so and didn't like it. 

It was too stupid lol

poohper Jun 6, 2008

HEY ! HEY!Kaputo! Remember last week's episode of Aishieteruze Baby? YOu helllaaa cried.Friggen wuss. You didn't have to I/M me and tell me you liked it.What the fizzy? Why didn't you add it yet? Too embarrassed?What a fouler.HEY! HEY! HEY! I'm still your friend. WTF?WTFWT?FWTF? Failure.WAIT! OMFG. HEY! DID YOU RED THE LATEST CHAP OF NARUTO? OMFG.You're right. Naruto is hella better than Gundam. It's deeper and more complex.For serious.

poohper Jun 6, 2008