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I mean it's law I come on you need a hundred and seventy-five thousand just keep the economy glowing to grow he nearly Stewart 53,000 jobs four thousand jobs a month and then anti-Clinton they put him in here 18 they set up this whole is all economic Penza scheme is set him up so to me Safer Colon well look good to the list death yeah I was going to say you know we are yet like you mentioned may they can work the numbers anyway they want but even I loved the job that they keep creating although the you that they do it’s always more government jobs it's no more the private sector then I'll call it that hard for you to have your little business if you want to have a little mom-and-pop shop it's like it was the only forty only want to pay the taxes and the land and cover all the overhang its big corporations its different money now and the squeeze that there is no middle class you know you're right there is no middleclass notes on the way to serve them you have this descending sir them you made 50last year you going to make 14 at the year in two years in five years you'll be on welfare I'm overpriced is going to keep going up as the about you all the money goes down which it will contain has a each dealing in printing I and you know it's fundamental and we realize it obviously we're trying to wake people up because there's not much time I mean there really isn't much time itself any.

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