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I know the night we we're our resources are strong I out sort you know where we're like at and a critical t do when even the oil in my house and I'm cash I'm house with the old adage house rich in cash for well that's true and that's by design I'm just lucky that I managed to the one thing I did when I was sleeping in 2005 was I knew because I always had this instinctive knowledge I always added disdain for the medical community always knew that they were crooks poets Safer Colon because I was in sales and I could see how they used sales techniques now if you're if your doctor you not suppose trying to sell your patience post retreat page and they were selling I mean they were using sales techniques that I learn as a salesperson and that really disturb me I was sleeping at that point I didn't realize what was really going on in the world but I knew that that was a tyranny and then ohm I go through this whole my whole life are believing ally and the one thing that I realizes Ingot my tax I bought my house in tweets what my house in nineteen ninety Sep no 1999 seized 1989 for a hundred ninety nine thousand doll- I had a hundred thousand dollar mortgage and I paid the house until 2005 I got my2005 I refinance actually wants in the middle was a rates went down and I took some money whatever pizza debts and then in 2005 to get my tax bill it says my fret my appraised value my house from the city of New York is five hundred twenty-five thousand dollars and I'm like each it's insane it's impossible now talk about having to make a lot of money to live in New York City.

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