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I you know I'm a libertarian I really like go I like to write a lot at the right would-be a great president I like it more than I like Gary Johnson with Gary Johnson got the libertarian boat so I'll probably vote for him if Ron Paul decides to wrote to vote arête run as an independent and be a spoiler Safer Colon it's going to be the same situation I love 1912 where teddy Roosevelt did the same thing any spoil the election in we know Roosevelt was a GP Morgan minion because of all the trusts and everything that was broke including the Rockefellers you think the rush out suffered not amide not a dime they didn't touch their assets at all it's a that looking up places and that’s why we speak I see an all-time I speak truth but find your own true dote research there is only one true and that is a big one that the Russia house never lose when everybody else that's remember that soldier yet they consolidate exceeded yeah they're always needed your labor is losing and then they buy our pennies on the dollar exactly and they do it again it's gonnahappen the worst oppression in human history is about to occur ladies and gentlemen and that's not scare fear-mongering I’m not fully know Alex Jones shit it's just common sense this party scene can’t can't continue jobs are slacking the ads little modest gains in the make these tremendous oh my god we've got a hundred thirty thousand jobs won't spray.

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