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Nov 25, 2009

Story:Ryuuji Takasu is a student of an High school and live, with him mother, in a small apartment. Him dad, was assassinate when he was young, so, in the house, he need to help him mother with works. He is a good cooker but many people are afraid of him because he have an ugly face, like members of Yakuza. 
He is in love with Minori Kushieda, him classmate, a girl who love play baseball and very extrovert personality. She don't know about love from Ryuuji and acts with him like a good friend. 
Aisaka Taiga is a small girl, new classmate of Ryuuji when begin a new school year, she is the best friends of Minori and she is in love with Kitamura, best friend of Ryuuji. She is always angry and she likes using her strong against others. Aisaka lives in a big apartment, next to Ryuuji, alone because her family had divorces some years before. 
One day, Aisaka, put a love letter into the school bag of Ryuuji rather than that of Kitamura. When she understand the mistake, tries to steal the letter during the night but find Ryuuji awake. After a little fight she take the love letter, but it's empty. She had forgotten to put the letter inside the envelope.
Here begin the relation between Ryuuji and Aisaka that want to help themself with their love.
Ami Kawashima is an idol that changes school frequently. She is an old friend of Kitamura but doesn't show her true character. She needs many helps from Ryuuji and others to be herself in the school. 
With many chances, funny situations and sad moments the story continues month after month until they go to the winter holiday. There, Aisaka confesses her love for Ryuuji indirectly: she thinks of speaking with Kitamura and asks sorry to him because she cannot forget her love for Ryuuji. This happens after Aisaka crushes down under the snow and loose her conscious for many hours. 
After various difficulties and many help from Kitamura and Kawashima, Aisaka and Ryuuji declare love each other. 

In a few words: funny and normal. Story isn't the best I had saw because it is a classic romance story in the school, between many friends; there are the common holiday trip, common school festival and common problem with lunch or clubs. 
At least it is very funny because Aisaka and Ryuuji have many differences together that create weird situations and sad moments.  

Very Good: we can have many great background and the character have many expressions on the face. In my opinion, this anime is too colorize but it isn't a big problem. I haven't see any problem with video. 

I love the voice of Takasu: Junji Majima. It's perfect for the starring of this anime. Opening theme is cool and funny and background sounds are in the right place. The voices of Kitamura and Aisaka are very good. Only Minori haven't a good voice but it's ok.

Awesome!! Aisaka and Takasu are greats: in every situation both are incredible. They can be the show without others or things; like cat and dog, they quarrel and make peace until next scene. If the story is common, they aren't, without use of magic or other fantasy things.

When you watch this anime you cannot play stop. It is very hard because we have great characters and very funny situations. A very good mix if you think about the common love story in the school. Many love plots in the past and in the present attract the attention of who watch this anime and this is an important part.
With good voices and animation this anime can be rewatch many times in the future.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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