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Strawberry Panic

Oct 26, 2009

Story - 6,5

Nagisa Aoi arrives in her new school: St. Miator is a part of important groupo of school for rich girls where they can learn variuos languages and other respectable things.She is distracted and very excited for her new life until she meets the Etoile: the most important girl in all three schools. Shizuma is a very attractive girl but she likes to play with other girls; she is the Etoile and can do what she wants.Etoile is an important position for every school: St. Miator, Spica and Lilium.Eyes in the eyes and Nagisa is completely lost in the hands of the Etoile until she loses consciousness.She wakes into a bed with her roommate: Tamao. A cute girl with blu eyes, watches Nagisa with sweet expression on face. She is happy to have her first roommate after three years in that school and helps Nagisa to take measures for uniform. It is the begin of a great friendship.Day after day, Nagisa discovers the secrets of the school and meets many girls. Shizuma remains her problem: the Etoile tryes to kiss Nagisa many time but Miyuki Rokujou, roommate of Shizuma, stops every situations.Rokujou is another important girl of St. Miator's school because helps the Etoile in her hard works.During the normal days, in Spica's school, born a new love between Hikari and Amane: the first is a cute and sweet blonde girl that sings into chorus, the second is a great jockey. Amane isn't very friendly because doesn't like to be at the centre of attention, but she is very attractive and quite.Hikari is scared to meet Amane and watches her from distance until one morning, after a trouble night, they talk a little at the fence for horses.In the middle of these two difficult relations, there are two girls: one is Tamao that is in love with Nagisa and Yaya, the best singer of chours, that is in love with Hikari.Little by little, Nagisa finds the reason of the problem with Shizuma and many times she cries in her bed or round the lake. Situation is heavy because the feels of Shizuma are in contrast with her past in that school.One day Nagisa finds Shizuma in a greenhouse.There is a greenhouse nearly the dormitory and there are many flowers inside of it; this is another work for Etoile girl and a big situation for both girls. Shizuma is quite and gentle, doesn't try to kiss Nagisa and they can talk a little to know each other.Nagisa loves Shizuma but the acts of the Etoile create difficult situations and hard moments.The life in these schools are full of things to do: there are many ceremony and exams, new students are very appreciated and new loves born everywhere.One of the most important event is the theatre rappresentation: every school purpose one project and actresses are choose from Council. "Carmen" from Tamao, wins the selection. The rappresentation begin very bad because Kaname and Momomi destroy one of the background and attack Nagisa. Fortunally, every problems are solved by everyone that work in the night.After a good work at theatre, Shizuma tries to talk about her past in her house, with Nagisa. It is a disaster: Nagisa cries and run away from Shizuma during a storm without listens nothing. Few day after that, Miyuki talk privately with Nagisa and the mistery was solve: Kaori, an ex girlfriend of Shizuma, dies in that school after a long disease. Kaori would be the other Etoile because this title is for a couple of girls.Shizuma decides to say goodbye to Nagisa and doesn't talk with her for some months until begins the ceremony of Etoile. A new couple of Etoile should be elect because is the last year of school for Shizuma. The candidates are: Amane and Hikari for Spica, Tamao and Nagisa for St. Miator. Lilium doesn't partecipate because they aren't interested in that title.Into Spica's school there are two girls that would partecipate at ceremony for Etoile title: Kaname Kenjou and Momomi Kiyashiki. These two girls do everything bad to Hikari and to St. Miator but Kaname is in love with Amane. When Momomi finds this love leave Kaname and the couple renounce to title.Miyuki asks Shizuma to help the candidates from St. Miator about dance because Nagisa and Tamao aren't good dancers. She accepts and obtains a good result; the two girls are ready to fight for the title and are very appreciated by the young students.Few day before the ceremony Amane falls from horse and beats the head on ground. She forgets her love for Hikari and about Etoile ceremony. Everything seems to be destroyed but the power of love wins this battle just in time for ceremony.When the result are ready to be communicate, Shizuma comes back into the church and declares her love for Nagisa. It is the end of ceremony because Tamao renounces her love for Nagisa and title of Etoile.Nagisa and Shizuma run away near the lake, hand in hand.This story would be great if there wasn't another anime with Yuri's theme. The characters in this anime is too similar as the character we can watch in Maria-Sama ga Miteru. There are some differences on aggressiveness and possession between lovers but these aren't reasons to take a good score. Here we can watch three schools, there we can watch three important titles call Rose. Here we have a theater ceremony, there we have a sport's day. The uniform of St. Miator is dark green, as other anime. We are in a Catholic school like other anime. (Note: The mother of Jesus wasn't lesbian, why do we have only the statue of her?) Do I need to continue? I don't think so. I think that the director of this anime need to learn more information before make another anime because story needs more fantasy. Personally, I don't like anime where there are too sad situation because life isn't so bad and in this anime there are lots of it.One good point is the sexual side of the relations because we need to say: girls like sex and it is a piece of real. Another good point is the number of characters; a lot of girls, plots of love and secret love between them.

Animation - 6,5

Quite good; this anime began in the 2006s but it doesn't have the best graphic. There aren't 3D background and lightnings aren't so good but these aren't big problems. Luminosity is a little too high.The color is good but dark scenes have some problems because we can see everythings without light. Sometimes, the episodes doesn't follow the end of its previous and this add more confusing.

Sound - 7

The two opening theme and the three ending theme are singing from women (Aki Misato, Mai Nakahara and Ai Shimizu) but I don't like them a lot because are quite song and anime isn't so quite.Voice of characters are good but sometimes they don't fit the situations. Kagome have a mature voice but she acts like a child. Piano's song is great but we can listen it for about 20 episodes and chorus in the church sing always one song: they booooore.

Characters - 7

The characters are good and bad at the same time because in the some episodes they are naturals and we can watch the differences between them. In the episodes when there is the love or declaration they are very similar: we can watch Hikari, Tamao or Yaya be very similar. Shizuma totally change her personality many times during the episodes and it is difficult to understand.Nagisa is funny in the first episodes but changes herself little by little. At the end she is very serious and unfunny. Chikaru is gentle for the most of the time but when she makes Carmen, she is very serious and mature.Too many changes are confusing.

Overall - 7

A good anime, too similar of another famous Yuri anime. Story is confusing because there are many characters at same time. Sex is one side of love but we don't need to watch two girls in a bathroom in an anime like that. Girls are very aggressive and trying to kiss other girl everytime; ehi, aren't we in a Catholic school? It seems no.The scenes with lessons in the schools are short and there aren't friendships between the classmates. Everything is centered on love and it is heavy.Strawberry Panic isn't a good title; Shizuma is the most important character in the anime because everything turn around her. She has white hair and olives eyes.If you love Yuri, you should watch this anime but it isn't the best you can watch.

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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