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The story is interesting but not incredible.  There is, of course, your standard "evil corporation is out for world domination" blah, blah, blah, but I must say the way they are getting there is quite original.  There was not, however, anything more to the story than that.  No REAL twists and turns (other than a few VERY obvious and easily guessable ones), and nothing beyond the resolution of the main story (again the only exception being one small not-quite side-plot involving the main male characters love interest(s).  So nothing ground-breaking, heart-wrenching or awe inspiring enough to rate it any higher.


Im at quite an impasse about the animation.  The visuals are GORGEOUS... as long as its still shots or combat.  Very reminiscent of Appleseed, everything is 3D rendered and cell shaded, and as I said before, quite impressive, except for actual animation of the characters doing anything but combat.  Everything from talking to kissing looked horrendously choppy and unnatural.  Appleseed by comparison, had equally beautiful visuals with perfect animation to go with it.


Nothing stunning about the sound, but it did its job well.  All the random robot moves, explosions, gunfire and such sound great.  The English dub is passable (I dont have the Japanese dub so I cant comment on that).  The music is lots and LOTS of techno (which I hate I might add).  Not holding the techno score against it, I will, however, warn all you fellow techno haters out there.


Characters are likable but pretty run of the mill.  Nothing special here: standard plucky heroine; standard stalwart, quiet male lover with troubled past; standard evil head of corporation bent on world domination etc, etc.


So I was kinda disappointed with this one, my friend had recommended it pretty highly (and he doesnt like anime), and at first glance it looks to be a darn good movie.  I falls short of the mark of greatness though, and simply slides into mediocrity.  Worth a rent but I wouldnt waste too much money on this one.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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LeaT Jun 1, 2012

I agree, What I find more frustrating about Vexille is that it could have been so great. I admit that Vexille must have one of the best premises I have honestly encountered. It is incredibly realistic and not at all far-fetched and it is in my opinion worth watching based on the premise alone.

Vexille spoke to me on many levels, the first being its obvious cyberpunk inspiration. At times it was quite reminiscient of Ghost in the Shell and it also featured a marketplace chase. The setting was overall quite interesting once we left AMERICUH and I think that it had some interesting things to say about the conditions of humanity.

My biggest gripe with Vexille is that it does not deliver where it should deliver. One big problem is characterization or rather the lack thereof. Even the main epynomous main protagonist has no character whatsoever. We don't know her background, what drives and motivates her, we don't know how she met Leon and why she cares about him more than the obvious and superficial fact that he's apparently her boyfriend and so on and so forth. It makes it hard to care for her. Maria got more character development than Vexille which is rather odd considering that Maria is a side character.

I think what Vexille truly and genuinely lacked was drama that could build some compelling characters in a  story that would work much better if it was character-driven. In my mind I think Vexille had been much better off being produced as an OVA series rather than as a stand-alone movie where much more focus could have been spent on developing characters, creating a sense of mystery and build up drama. Things that were sorely lacking and would've pushed Vexille from weak mediocre into great, maybe even one of the best anime movies I've seen in some time. This is definitely not the case, however.Vexille had worked great as a mystery-suspense story with some action on the side, heavily influenced by similar cyberpunk stories such as Ghost in the Shell and even Ergo Proxy.