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Hy There!,I'm JustMeRin.I'm 14 years old,and I'm a libra.I hate to seet and do nothefing,I scared from dogs and insects,love musick,but just the musick I wana hear(not the musick in top or something like this).Simple Plan,Linckin Parck,openings&endings from anime....that's wath i like to listen.But now lets talk about anime!^^My first anime,that i watch,was Lna Superstar.Next was:Pokemon,Digimon,DBX,Sailor Moon ,Slayers etc.I watched evry thing,I haven't a favourite genere,but now I have^^:Romantic,Slice of Life,Drama and Magical girls.I like to read manga to.(Shoujo).That's me.hope I will have a lot of friends.See you around^.~

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