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Hy There!,I'm JustMeRin.I'm 14 years old,and I'm a libra.I hate to seet and do nothefing,I scared from dogs and insects,love musick,but just the musick I wana hear(not the musick in top or something like this).Simple Plan,Linckin Parck,openings&endings from anime....that's wath i like to listen.But now lets talk about anime!^^My first anime,that i watch,was Lna Superstar.Next was:Pokemon,Digimon,DBX,Sailor Moon ,Slayers etc.I watched evry thing,I haven't a favourite genere,but now I have^^:Romantic,Slice of Life,Drama and Magical girls.I like to read manga to.(Shoujo).That's me.hope I will have a lot of friends.See you around^.~

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ashkansirous Apr 25, 2016

Hi JustMeRin,

I wanted to ask you about Little Women (Alt title: Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari). Where can I watch it?

I tried using Anime-Planet, but it doesn't show any episodes. Do you think that it has anything to do with country or something? 

If you are watching it from other sites, could you please tell me the URL?