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freakzilla Oct 26, 2007

I read your Lucky Star - Azumanga Daioh recommendation and i just had to stop by! It was an obvious rec, but you worded it well and i loved how you stated To Heart was just plain boring :D

You also have a few nice anime in your top 5, though i still need to pick up Excel Saga and Fruit Basket again. I dropped them after a few eps over a year ago. By now my anime style has changed a bit though, so maybe i'll actually be able to finish them this time :p

Stop by some time!


Reawen Aug 23, 2007

Love the avatar. Not the usual Fruits Basket avatar scene type - very original.

I was noticing how colorful your anime list is right now! Hahaha... did you do that on purpose? Blue, green, red, blue, green, red, blue... yellow (just to throw it off) ^_^

sothis Jul 23, 2007

I'm really liking your recommendations so far! I hope you stay with us and post more of them. ^_^ Also, love the FB avatar. Really quite touching and emotional.