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I began watching anime when I was still a youngster. I watched anime as frequent as watching cartoons (e.g. dexter's lab). Later in life I realized how much more the anime world has to offer, after I was introduced to non-mainstream anime. I lived in the thousand island country, Philippines. I grew up my childhood years there but later moved to Canada.I was introduced to non-mainstream anime by a friend that I met in elementary, and the first non-mainstream anime I watched was Lucky Star. After watching the first episode I thought, "Wow, it's different from what I watch but it seems unique and I'm gonna keep watching it." Surely enough, I was sucked in, continued to watch Lucky Star until I finished it, which then sparked my light to the world of Anime. Watching different genres of Anime here and there, I later encounter a romance anime, with a cup of epicness, a bowl of drama, and a heaping bucket of tsundere from one of the characters, Taiga Aisaka. Yes, this Anime is Toradora!. Long story short, this was yet again another spark, but the spark to the light of the tsundere world.If your wondering, yes I am a gamer. But a pc gamer. This is due to the fact I grew up with gaming on the computer hence I play pc games. Although I can get consoles anytime I choose to spend them on other things ^^Updating...


New food, Asian food, sleeping on rainiy days, using the computer for relaxing, travelling (as long as final destination is interesting!), being organized, customizing things,being healthy (mentally/physically),up to date technology, random stories, new friends (:o), good music, having fun, living life, wishing to have any powers!

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"If you only face forward, there is something you will miss seeing."

-Vash the Stampede

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Rince Aug 9, 2012

Lucky star as first anime huh, though start, Ooo and Tsundre, haha I didnt even know what it was untill like last year.

Great quote from trigun though and about that sparking the light of anime that's how I felt about my first non mainstream anime too. Like "wow is this a cartoon it's so diffrent" when I watched Hellsing, it was so mature and diffrent.

Can you please tell me how you did not fall asleep when you watched Lucky Star? I think I fell off the Star train after the 2nd episode of nothing

nguy522 Aug 8, 2012

yoyo :] haha we're AP friends now!

wolfangel87 Nov 6, 2010

Love the shiny eyes!!!  Wow you really got an amazing start on your profile! 

Welcome to AP!