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Really raises and I'm frankly when  Safer Colon I got on the FDA panel I was completely shocked that in fact followed this all I mean I was so naive that all of these trials were paid for by the drug and device companies I mean I had no idea that the feds were involved in a lot of this research I really didn't and I think that that's a view interesting problem about how a society pays for its first the research and developing I think people should at the right to make a reasonable profit but it’s on reasonable profit that I have troubles with on and what it means to bring things to the FDA but on you know I do worry about as in the push that's happened and the extent to which stocks Arbor and we know their studies in this doctored learning mostly about what's new out there from the drug resin the information that they bring and it's a real I think it’s a real problem ok alongside what we've term to the can the medical crimes that took place in Nazi Germany they're also very significant I'm .

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