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Macross Frontier

Jul 13, 2011

Macross Frontier is a creative yet cliché story allowing a fantastic merge of sci-fi and music. It's got the classic love triangle and the one, hot guy two very different girls fight over, but the detailed, tiny twists really get you. Like the fact that those you girls KNOW they fight over one guy and yet they genuinely like each other as friends, or the creative, unseen past of the main character (that guy they're both in love with) that i swear you will not see coming. If any of you have read the official review it says that this anime loses lots of points for the lack in good storyline but i see it as a common storyline but with good, original twists. Frankly i would not recommend this anime to hardcore meccha fans but shojo fans aching for something out of the highschool-love-story senario, or people who just love good music.

This brings me to my next point that the music is hands down the best thing in the entire anime, they're music videos come in the episodes itself and they just start singing in the middle, some songs are reinforced in a symbolic way and the music is definitely the very core and the best used item in the anime, i have not seen any other show that uses music the way marcross frontier does. The music would be ranked under Jpop, with a variety of fast and slow songs just as some background information.

The characters are, like the anime as a whole, seemed pretty stereotyped on the surface but have nice, complex personalities, like the usual pretty, blonde superstar who's overconfident and has all the guys wanted her, macross makes this interesting by adding a mature, slightly motherly side to this character, resulting in an interesting mix. If you're like me and you like to analyse characters but find everything else too simple and easy to analyse then watch this show because it's a little difficult to spot these traits, a nice challenge. This show also incorporates aliens, which are basically giant humans who can change into smaller forms to blend into society if they wish.

The animation, although isn't anything special, it's well done and the curves and lines of the outline body shapes of the characters are defined, although not into the nitty gritty details like vampire knight. sometimes you may find the characters drawn oddly or with a different shade of hair colour as compared to the last scene you watched, but that's just how the show shows. There is a bit of fanservice, just warning you conservative viewers out there, but i wouldn't label it as anything remotely serious

Overall this anime is touching and emotional as a whole, the fighting scenes (as in how they fight) are particularly interesting in my point of view and i like how they made not one character truly evil to the very end, yet kept it interesting and suspenseful. The anime teaches us many morals and lessons in a way that touch your heart, but not make you cry (maybe shed a tear or two if you're the emotional type). The love triangle is also done so well you can't tell who's ending up with him, it really keeps you guessing with those tiny twists and turns to the very end.

7/10 story
6.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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