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December 31, 2013

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meschow avatar meschow


Nov 28, 2013

sounds like you have been busy with college and anime one thing i want to do is play you in a game of shogi its been a long time sence i played a game agenst my rival and no one around here is any good or dosent want to learn how to play


     hay split head


     i cant wait to eat all the food i got 3 thanksgivings all in a row today tomarrow and the day after

meschow avatar meschow


Nov 27, 2013

i have been watching anime movies mostly and some new shows in my free time college homework is a pain i just read the most recent chapters of onepiece and naruto and i cant bealieve that the naruto manga is almost done


     watch out for young women theyll try to steel your weather technology


     have a good thanksgiving

meschow avatar meschow


Nov 26, 2013

hay man hows it going its been a while sence i seen ya

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