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Story: Gets an 8. This was a unique show that did not progress how I thought it would. The trio of best friends is... a sad story to say the least (in my opinion). One is just totally useless in the show for the most part. The main character does not get her powers until the final episode, not at all what I expected. The show was sad and boring for a while and weird how it developed. At one point I had no idea who the main character was. I did enjoy the first and last episodes linking together, always a plus. I do not know why I give the story an 8. I found it sad and slow, but I guess it's uniqueness and how I will remember the show boost it up. 

Animation: I really enjoyed the animation. For one, their eyes all look cool in the show, the shading technique was very original and unlike anything I had seen. The art in general was very unique and was a definite plus. I liked that all of the characters clothes and hair and eyes were the same color. It was definitely what I enjoyed most about the art. As for the witch hunting, it was wierd to say the least. Just a totally crazy animation that looked like an acid trip usually. The art may have been what kept me watching this anime. 

Sound: I like the music, very good and well place. The voice actors seemed fine to me (not that I speak fluent Japanese). 

Characters: I found it much easier to hate most of the characters than it was to like them. I like Madoka and her mom for the whole show and that is it. Other than those two it was a love hate... usually hate relationship. Madoka is admirable and thoughtful and giving. She has many great qualities. I ended up hating her two friends who I thought would end up being more significant. When I try to think about positives about the characters I just like how they were drawn and colored and I don't care about them at all really. By the ending you have the ability to understand and like all the characters I guess, but I found them to be very unlikeable. 

Overall: It was cool and I was glad I watched it strictly for the unique plot. It was very sad in my opion and reminded me a lot of Steins Gate. Worth watching, but I would never say, "Hey, you gotta watch this."

8/10 story
9.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
5.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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