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The Gamer

Dec 8, 2013

*Only 14 chapters are out as of the time of this review*

The gamer is a overall a very cool manwha to check out. The story takes place in present day with a protagonist who likes to play video games. One day he gains an ability where his life become like that of a RPG video game character. He can level up, choose where he wants to upgrade his stats, hold a ton of items in his inventory (without holding them, you know like in Link from the Zelda series), and what appears to be much more. The story starts off with him wondering why this has happened to him. It turns out that other people have powers too. 

At this point it seems like a pretty bland story. It seems like what all kids dream of when they wish video games were real, but the story starts to get much more interesting after a few chapters. It turns out that these powers are all unique, and only he has this video game power. Others who have powers cannot see their stats and abilities. This makes his ability appear to be really good. 

The way the story is developing thus far is very interesting, and I will for sure continue to keep reading. This is for sure something worth checking out, especially since it has been getting frequent updates. I feel like the future looks promising for The Gamer. 

8/10 story
7/10 art
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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