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Sword Art Online

May 19, 2013

Have you ever wanted to live in a virtual world where you can fight monsters and clear dungeons while meeting thousands of players online? Sword Art Online is a story about just that. It starts out with ten-thousand players all logging into the greatest virtual reality MMO game of all time: Sword Art Online. Kirito, the protagonist of the anime, is a beta tester of the game and has more knowledge about the game then most. While this school aged kid wanders around the world of Aincrad, he notices that it is not possible to log out. Soon afterward, all players are teleported to the main area of the game. The GM, or game moderator Kayaba Akihiko, appears to tell all of them about the game: They cannot log out until all one-hundred floors are cleared as well as if they die in the game, they die in the real world. All players then go into a complete panic and replicate their true selves. Sword Art Online then begins as a trial for everyone's lives.

The Animation is outstandingThe design of the scenery is complex and detailed, as well as each and every character you come across. Of course, this does not always apply to the minor appearences, but they are certainly detailed enough for simple presentation. With that  being said, the art is rightly represented by smooth and realistic animation that will have you struck in awe as Kirito and others pull off some of the most exciting works of swordplay in history. Everything about the way SAO looks is more then wonderful enough to leave a permanent image print in your mind.

The music and sounds are in no way boring and repetitive. These ear pleasuring entities will keep you on the edge of your seat as battles go on, tearing up when it's sad, and getting anxious and angry when the ambiance falls dark. The sounds are addictive and mind consuming. The voice acting is unbelievably emotional and real. Hearing all of the voices from everyone will make you feel as if you're in their position. Sword Art Online would definitely not be the same without the wonderful sounds that you hear while watching it. 

The characters are absolutely phenomenal on each and every level. The producers of Sword Art Online did a wonderful job giving every character great voice acting to fit their outstanding and individual personalities. While watching, you'll feel the courage, care, love, affection, heart-break, depression, and ego of each and every character; good and bad. Without a doubt, the characters are a major part of the story and it's overall theme. Kirito would not have gotten anywhere if it weren't for all of the players that helped him along the way, and SAO was able to explain it well through their characters and personalities.

It has been years since I've come across any anime, video game, or manga that I can deem to be one of the greatest of all time. Sword Art Online definitely fits this category for reasons more than one. The story may seem to be old in some degree, but it's much different than you would expect it to be. The world looks tremendously beautiful and all of it is animated with perfection. You cannot go a minute through SAO to find yourself disliking the music or sounds that they present. Nothing can beat the characters that you meet along the way; they're quite possibly the best characters to be developed so far in history. In an overall standpoint, nothing negative can be said of this. Sword Art Online is definitely one of the greatest and promissing pieces of Japanese animation to ever exist. Anything that can make you love, hate, cry, and rejoice the way that Sword Art Online does may possibly never exist.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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