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Yo home team fans,

After plodding along on this website for quite a while (going on two years now?) I've found some cool anime and some good reviews. So even though I don't write too much, kudos on all you that do! 

If you have any recomendations hit me up, I can name a few of my favorites too.

Happy hunting.


P.S. After being on here for a couple years I've got to say I'm impressed with how quickly new material surfaces. Deffinately one of my favorite sites! But I noticed that some people who have been on for a while have explained their grading system, so here's mine;

So there it is, how I judge. It ain't perfect but that's how I roll!

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Romdeau4 Mar 29, 2013

Future me!

Listen! This anime looked good in the past but you may be too drunk to remember tonight.  It is important that you watch 

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Comprende? Bueno! You were on Rom's computer because it was quick and easy to use!

abelarcher Mar 29, 2013

confused? questions that the anime won't address? Welcome to Shounen anime...

i remember not being too thrilled about the ending of the first ep and (i think) second ep (stuff about the beater >.>) the show was dead set on setting up Kirito to seem more badass than he is lol. I think I ended up ignoring a lot of things and then when the romance kicked in I was's a romance anime now....

thinking back though...i think i enjoyed it because it started feeling like Zero no Tsukaima o.O 

abelarcher Mar 23, 2013

Yo, just recently finished Sword Art Online and I think you might enjoy it. 

abelarcher Jun 2, 2012

(edit profile -> "friend requests - notify me by email" for future reference :P) 

And you're right by the way..i was so overcome by joy with your message...and the Inception reference. 

In other news, it seems like I've left my account logged in for a while now so sry for any misleading -.-" 

And wowwee, slice-of-life happens to be among my favorite genres little-girl-like aside xD

Nichijou is amongst the most ridiculous and madnessiest, with Natsume Yuujinchou as its contrast; i found the former to be slightly more enjoyable :)

I'd also recommend Spice & Wolf for fantasy, and...i guess Tiger & Bunny for action (though it takes a couple episodes to get used to the 3d effects and the show's stronger points are more the characters than the action xD) 

In the end, all pretty enjoyable.

P.S. (do ppl still use these? o.O) - (For some reason I had dropped Koukou Debut around Vol.10...which is ridiculous since it only had bout 3 more vols to go...thank you for reminding me of its existence.)

abelarcher May 14, 2012

I have a feeling that you and i would be good friends...prolly cause i discovered that your initials stand for Part Time Ninja...

...or perhaps im not the first to discover this... o.O

either way, i have a feeling that if we somehow knew each would be most wondrous.