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Hey hey! Welcome to Josh! (that's me!) :)

I am a Canadian science student (chemistry if you're curious) and an avid anime fan. 
It all started with, believe it or not, Sailor Moon. I mean, at 5 years old, nothing's cooler than fire (see what I did there?) and so how could one not fall in love with Sailor Mars? Figuratively speaking of course. 
And once you're hooked at 5, it's all downhill with Pokemon and Digimon popping up on the TV. 

Unfortunately I am no longer a kid :( 
However, I can finally understand the true beauty and quality put into anime programs. It's the subplots that get you. The music is like a brush stroke; rich, then dry, but always a part of a greater painting. And as if we were instruments ourselves, I have learned to let anime play you. Pull your strings, and press your keys until your own song pours over the canvas like a bucket of white paint. Layer after layer the music keeps colouring. Breath after breath, the anime keeps living. 

We are a part of it. That's the experience the artists give to us. 

My preferences correlate directly to my ratings. The more I feel a part of the show, the higher I will rate it. If that's your forté, by all means; back straight, eyes forward, and give it a shot!

You are here because you are like me. But I know me and I don't know you. I would very much like to change that. Talk to me :). I am certain we will get along and we will have plenty to discuss!

And that's pretty much me!

Feel free to read and comment on my reviews!


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