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Well Hey :)

So I'm Josh.
I'm a student/scientist who absolutely loves all genres of art.

My anime life starts way back when I was 5. There was one show on TV that my sister occasionally watched that I was quite taken by. Sure the artwork wasn't great, the music wasn't entirely the greatest, but hey, I was 5. Who cares?
This show was Sailor Moon. I was in love with the way Sailor Mars put her hands together and the TV just engulfed in flames :P

By the time I was in highschool I had become familiar with the anime genre. I loved the cherry trees in Inuyasha, and the battle mechanisms of Yugioh.
I tried to incorperate these feelings I had while watching these programs into the work I did in the real world.

Now with my studies in the science universe, I know so much about our world. Answers people could only dream of, yet I still don't understand how I can never  grasp the feeling of beauty. Because everytime it's presented to me, I'm in awe once again. 

Its like using that white crayon in the packaging. You know what it does, you know what colour (Canadian spelling) white is, but everytime you draw on a black piece of paper, the idea of drawing in white has that little bit of excitement to it :)

Anyways, other than anime, I'm a huge soccer fanatic. I play, coach, all that jazz.
I love virtually all genres of music. I said I loved art didn't I ;) ?
Cooking, painting and learning a new instrument take up my spare time.

And that's pretty much me!
Talk to me :) 

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