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Mar 17, 2014

This review is about the first season of K-on.


The story is about Yui, a girl who recently entered highschool. She is ver lazy and doesn't to do anything that requires the least bit of effort. The problem is ... she needs to join a club. After a while she's forced by tea and snacks into the light music club. This club consists of 3 other members. Mugi a keyboard player, Mio who plays the bass and Ritsu who plays the drums. They needed 1 more member to join their club otherwise it'd be shut down. So they let Yui join them, although Yui can't play guitar. They end up buying Yui a guitar and teach her to play. The anime follows the clubs everyday activity, which consist of drinking tea, having cake and cookies and once in while a litle bit of practising. 

After a year when new students enter the school they get a new member. The name of the new member is Azuna, a girl who's a very good guitar player. With their new member they go on training camps and have their occasional tea with cake gatherings, all in preporation for thier proformance at the school festival.


As expected from Kyouto-animetion the character design are very cute and moe. In this show however they really take cute-ness to the next level. With everything the characters do they always look adorable. The aniamtion in the show is very good, through out the regular episodes it is very consistent in quality. In the more important moments, like when they're playing music, the animation is top notch. They animate the characters as they were actually playing the instruments and (I'm not an expert and dont play instruments) it actually looks like they're playing the notes.


The sound in the show is very nice. The music in the background is always nice and fitting for the whitty things that are going on. The music when they're practising is also very good. However, the opening and ending are where the sound shines. 


The characters in K-on are all super adorbale and cute. Yui is the most noteble, she is very very clumsy and clueless about everything. This makes her a great comedy relief character. The rest of the characters are all also cute and funny. The interaction between them when they're having some tea is great.


Overall i think this is a great anime. If you're looking for something light and funny this is the thing you're looking for. 


?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9/10 overall
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