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This profile is pretty outdated, proceed with causion and question everything I say.

Or don't ...I'm a profile page, not your mom

Well hello there, my name is John (in Dutch it's Jan, but the english version definitely sounds 10x cooler). I'm a 19 years old anime lover who spent way to much time on anime and gaming.

A little history of me and how i got involved with anime

I've been actively watching anime for around 2 years now. Before those 2 years I had pretty much only seen pokemon, digimon, crayon shinchan, dragonball Z etc... So, 2 years ago I was only rewatching dragonball Z over and over again untill someone from class said he was watching naruto. By then I already heard of naruto and thought it was stupid and a dragonball Z clone. I still decided to watch it and thought it was awesome. From naruto and I went on to Naruto shippuden and then bleach. 

Near the end of bleach another classmate told me to watch Sword Art online. By the time I didn't really know anything about anime season and such.I started watching Sword art online weekly. To fill the rest of my free time I also strated watching shorter shows from youtube (shitty dub versions because i didnt know any better). Around the time I joined anime-planet and it's forum. Throught anime-planet and the forum I was able to watch so much awesome anime that I'd never have been able to watch before.

About me

As said in the above, my name is John. Currently I'm studying at the university of Delft in the Netherlands. Besides my studies I'm very involved in waterpolo. I've started swimming lessons at the age of 5 and never stopped. After I finished those lessons I got into waterpolo and never left. I still enjoy waterpolo a lot and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon! One of my other hobbies is gaming. I played a lot of call of duty on my xbox, but since I made a gaming computer I've been playing Tera rising for months now. I do have other games, but Tera has been taking all of my time so far, hehehe.

Favorite anime

So far I've watched a considerable amount of anime and I do have some favorites. The one who gets most of my love is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann With the Epic/manly/badass male character, Kamina.

Some of my other favorites are:


Clannad After Story

Daily Lives of High School Boys

Angel Beats!

Attack on Titan

Hajime no ippo

Usagi Drop

Pretty much any show with a 5 star rating


My ratings are mostly based on enjoyment. A show can be shitty, but if I enjoyed the heck out of it and couldn't stop watching then it's worth a high rating.

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Sianeka Mar 22, 2017

I'm currently doing a rewatch of Durarara! and every time Shizuo comes on, I think of you!  I hope things are going smoothly for you, and I'm still wishing success for you.

Sianeka Jan 29, 2017

JohnWatchAnime says...  Hey Sianeka!   I'm writing you because from coming tuesday I'll go abroad for 5 months for an internship. Since there isn't any wifi in my upcoming house I won't have the oppertunity to do greetings. I'll be back around the end of june or maybe july. I'll be happy to continue greeting when I get back, but untill then I'll be at hiatus once again.   I wish you all the best the upcoming months and hope everything will run smoothly with the welcoming committee!   Best regards,   JohnWatchAnime

Congrats on internship!  Where will you be working?

Thank you again for stepping up and helping with Welcomes - I look forward to having you come back next summer if all works out for you to be able to return.

NPNG Jan 8, 2017

Is there a secret cult of people who stalk new commers? cause' I'm pretty new and all ready two people welcome me and believe me when I said this, That's a crowd! (at least for me, I'm pretty asocial, my folks call me 'ficus' :c)

I apologize for my probably awful grammar, just an amateur speaking english :p

pd: Happy new year, for you too.

see u later, cult member.


Sianeka Jan 6, 2017

JohnWatchAnime says...  Happy belate and coming holidays to toy too :p   I'm glad i can help out!

Sorry so much for my long delay in replying.  I've just been super busy running around this holiday season, and it seems there just isn't enough time to go around and get to the things I want or need to do! *sigh*

Thanks for the warm wishes.  May 2017 be a WONDERFUL year for us all!  And have a great anime day!

asharka Jan 5, 2017

Can I make "My Feed" only visible to myself?  I don't care about aggregated history, but I'm not comfortable about letting others see the exact timestamp when I mark each individual episode as watched...