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I am Japanese.

I'm interested in foreign country's culture.

I'm glad, if it is possible to hear Not only Japanese anime but your country's culture.



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gilraena says...

hm, don't know any of them.

well, my fav genre.. not really sure. probably with some magic.

Jul 30, 2014
Shivichan says...

Yes, indeed :D Saina Nehwal's actually quite popular here :) She's been in a lot of tv ads, too xD 

Badminton's popularity is lukewarm here. Here people take( or maybe, used to take, ) Cricket as a religion , and so nothing beats its popularity. Lately there's been a lot of soccer fans too, although you never see India in the WC. Maybe Badminton comes next :) It's quite popular in our school, but I guess badminton is more of a recreation sport here rather than a competitive one. 

And I am really impressed by your curiousity for cultures and countries. Keep it up! ^^

Jul 28, 2014
gilraena says...

hello! nice to meet you too!

Jul 28, 2014
wolfbankai says...

To translate that post ; ''Latvian has its own anime , Like for example Dilli Dallijs or that cartoon about dog (female dog) from Gadgetville?''

That person is talking about this and it isn't anime but cartoon. It's made by Latvians.

but that topic was about making an anime and some people draw their own ;

Hope this helps~

Jul 27, 2014
wolfbankai says...

Sorry for late reply~

I have never heard of Dilli Dallijs , Even name doesn't make sense. XD Where did you found out that anyway?

Jul 26, 2014