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I am Japanese.

I'm interested in foreign country's culture.

I'm glad, if it is possible to hear Not only Japanese anime but your country's culture.



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Norgey says...

Oh I see that's not too much younger. In the USA you have to be 21 to buy or consume alcohol. But to smoke you can be 18.

What about driving? How old do you have to be if you want to drive? And do many people drive?

Jul 22, 2014
Shani says...

Let's take it for watching ! ;]

Jul 22, 2014
alessiox8 says...


Depends what you want to know

do you want to know if its a nice place to live?

Jul 22, 2014
DreamMonster says...

You're  welcome ! :)  I'm glad you like them.  

Oh, now you've made me a bit curious.  But as you wish, I won't ask anything. :)  

Jul 22, 2014
DreamMonster says...

To be honest I am familiar with only the same comics that you have found :P   There is the most famous animated movie  called  Lotte from Gadgetville (Leiutajateküla Lotte)  but unfortunatelly I'm unable to find the whole thing online.  But here are some short video clips not from the actual movie but the characters are the same.  and here are a bit more of them.   They are unfortunatelly in Estonian though ...   

And if you're interested then here's bunch of weird and old cartoons by Priit Pärn, one of our cartoonist. :D  

I must warn you though, they really are weird. :D 

Jul 21, 2014