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Welcome to my page. I am Japanese.

Freely talk anime, manga and other things.

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 My website and blog(mainly write anime, game, food and so on. This is an attempt to enable to see Japanese life.)

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Ellogegamer says...

Konnichiwa! :) Don't worry, sorry for my late reply as well.

Yes, we practice karate in a sports hall in town. But what do you mean it seems to be pretty minor? I learned many words and expressions of japanese there. And once a year, senseis from Japan come here to give special classes and interact and socialize with us. :)

Cool, badminton is good too . :)

Haha xD Yes I know Saitama from OPM ^^

Do you eat flowing somen noodle in the school?

Aug 23, 2016
anotherself says...

!. Was the opening good for your taste?

Aug 11, 2016
Ellogegamer says...

こんにちは! ^_^

You did a nice work with those photos and descriptions! :) Oh I wanted to do and see so many things! Now is summer, do you eat flowing somen noodles? I would love to try that with friends! xD

I think life here is similar to japanese life in many things, like other cosmopolitan places, but I suppose there are many cultural differences. Apart from video games, anime, and the like, I also have other hobbies and interests, like playing guitar, amateur astronomy, and I also did a bit of karate! xD Besides that, I sometimes go out with friends to local concerts, to the shopping center, cinema, etc. What do you like to do? And what places do you like to go in Saitama?

またね! ^_^/

Aug 1, 2016
SophiaDiggins says...

Sorry for the late reply, I've been putting off replying to comments :c

Just as a reminder to what you said:

"Oh! You like comedy and romance. "Engaged to the Unidentified" is also recommendable. This is comical romance.

awesome! You did many sports. I also do badminton and used to dream of becoming professional. As a consequence, I reached the conclusion moderate exercise is best! Sometimes I suffer from joint pain.XD Lee Chong Wei is great!!!"

I'll definitely check it out and let you know what I think!

but I'll probably read the manga version before watching the anime! (^-^)

Agreed! I used to get so many injuries too xD

and Yes he is! He makes me proud to be Malaysian c':

Especially when Badminton is one of my favourite sports :3

Have a great day!~

Jul 24, 2016
Sireneth says...

Hej !

Thats what you mean haha :P Mehh thats really sucks that you are that busy, got time towatch anime hah ? And your are spending this time at work, univ ? :D 

I dont meet too many japanesse ppl here in poland :P More wietnamesse or korean ppl :P Anyway yeah its a weird feeling when you see signs or anything in your language in foreing country hah :P

True they all are very similac slavic languages and definetly good choice you decided to focus on polish and poland :D Btw when exactly you r planning to have your trip ? 

Yeah i see somotimes so bad tattoos on poeple and i wonder how on earth can some1 did something like that for the rest of his life ? Its really stupid sava money on tattoos. If id make one id make sure to pick up some good artist, not whos the cheapest on the market :P

Haha i just checked what r u watching atm :) Haha bananya whats that ! haha :D

Have a nice day !

Jul 23, 2016