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Hi! My name is Jason if you can't tell... and NO! I don't have a stutter. At least not anymore? Sigh.

LOVE Black metal. It's a sub genre of metal. I love metal music. Gets me going. Has a real art to it. I can listen to anything though. But don't take away my metal, OR ELSE.

Favourite Anime's; -


I love dark and creepy and gothic environments, myths, just everything. This was made for me. One of the best stories in an Anime I've ever seen. I'm so sad it was so short and only 1 series. The OVA Another 0-kan is a SERIOUS must watch after the mains series. The feels are way too real.

Detroit Metal City

This Anime is just the metal scene down perfectly. I had belly laughs the whole way through. A MUST watch. I can't say enough at just how funny this is. My Partner said I must watch this. She was not wrong.

Noragami And Noragami Aragoto

The two series have both very serious moments, and moments that will make you laugh hysterically. Great story too.

Not much else to say as I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone.

Seraph of the End And Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

I love Vampires. Or the mythology and lore surrounding them. This has a very interesting story and take on them and how Humans battle it out with them. Something new a refreshing done right for the Vampires.

My favourite game ; -

Dark Souls.

The Soul series for me personally is the best gaming series of this current generation, and will be a benchmark for games like this for many years in the future. What more really has to be said about this masterpiece?        

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YuukiAsuna Jul 25, 2015

oh hey o: haven't heard from you in a long whilehaha i was just looking at my comments and i was following everyone except you, so i pressed follow haha, sorry

Norri Jan 15, 2015

thx dawg!

YuukiAsuna Jul 29, 2014

I've watched Kanon (2006) and Air and I've seen a couple of episodes of Elfen Lied

Haven't had a lot of time haha. starting up again though! ;D

YuukiAsuna Jul 28, 2014

wow long time since I've spoken to you

how are you? did you watch some good anime recently? 

I stopped watching anime for a few months, but I'm starting again hehe

finaltom Jul 27, 2014

Need to update your profile noob