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Hello, my name is Alexander. I love gaming, girls, and anime combined. xD I've seen many anime, but I'm only going to mention my FAVORITE of all time, so therefore the others aren't worth mentioning.

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s3an2k8 Jan 21, 2009

Hey!, sorry for the l8 reply =[ but i can give you some anime!! ^_^ ive watched lots...some good some not so good.....if u like music try Beck it has a god story line and some romance. onegai teacher is a good one as well,uhhh i cant think of alot rite now so ill get back to u when i think of more =]

kiwi100 Jan 16, 2009

no..! tis defintely one of a kind, but i suppose thats what makes something, great right???!!! ^_^

kiwi100 Jan 15, 2009

haha yeah...!! like although its animation and all, it really conveys important messages to us to ya know, like the whole cutting down the forests and how it can effect us...but with a whole fantasy twist put on it^^ genius indeed...!!!

kiwi100 Jan 15, 2009

hee hee...!!! he is brilliant though, the creator..!! One hell of an imagination...^^

kiwi100 Jan 14, 2009

definetly..!!! ^^ have you watched anyother of the movies lke spirited away??