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Wtf, do you need to know something? Fine... I like... cookies. Sometimes.

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What?! No anime ratings?

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acazalia Sep 26, 2008

Totally agree x) Been reading the manga since shippuuden episode 30 or something xD

And them filler episodes rly pissed me off.I mean: ''Hey, we took the leftovers from the kyuubis chakra and put it in you^^''

 Did I mention that I love your avatar? X) Hellsing <3

Can I join the cookie fanclubtoo?

sothis Sep 26, 2008

Just as a note, you might want to click the "reply to comment" type link in each comment to leave the comments - this way, the person will get a notification saying you left them a comment in their profile (as people would have to know to come back to your profile and check it often to see if you responded here :p)

JimmyBean Sep 26, 2008

Kind of, like, answering the last posts, from older to newest:.That sounds great. I enjoy friendly friendful friend-some ambients. By the way, stray puppets kind of enjoy biting me. But I get your point. And yes, enjoy a lot the place.

.I must agree that the avatar is unfathomably great; shameful to say, it is from a quite disturbing CrazyLovecraftGrotesqueLike stuff image (and if you search for it, I asure you it will burn your eyes and dry off your brain; If you've seen it then you should know what I mean). And yes, cookies and God are so close, that I can't actually tell the difference.

.Let's make a Cookie Fan Club, then 8D

.Death and Rebirht, the End of Evangelion (and my childhood)...I bet during that period Hideaki Anno was on a big deal of stuff I couldn't even pronounce if I knew what it was. But I must admnit the reason I love mechas and psychological thrillers lies within it. It's nice. When you are old enough to admire it.

.And so do I; but stuff like that comes quite once in a lifetime >.< OR, I'm way too wrong. I think that it would be wise to ask to someone like that guy Hikaru, who has seen almost a year of anime*which sounds insane, and therefore is admirable :D*

Well. That was it. Keep it up, dudes. Anime is life. Cookies are the escence.

KaThYdOoL Sep 25, 2008

Haha, I know what you mean by temptation. I haven't played the game either though.. I love fate/stay night.. I want to find another anime like it

crimsonsoul Sep 22, 2008

Which movie? You mean Death & Rebirth? I've seen those as well. Crazy indeed! ;) Man, you're on your second month of anime, wow! And here I was signing up, thinking I had watched a lot... Lucky!