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Nothing much to say here! the only thing I am sure you all know, 'cause you're the same: I am Anime fan.

Well, I browse Anime sites every day looking for new Anime to watch, or more info about the ones I love.


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wolfangel87 Dec 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Oehr Jun 12, 2008

20-26mins anime eps all count as 23min episodes(or was it 24mins?).

3-13mins count as i think 10min ones (i think)

ovas are most likely more exact. movies too.

the staff would have to update all entries in order to make your time idea useful :D

i dont really get what you mean by movies count, but oh well^^

episode count is solved with this for now :)

chamomille May 7, 2008

not bad, but I prefer making my own wallpapers (just using printscreen) or searching pictures in google..

Have you read the novel Twelve Kingdoms by Fuyumi Ono? I plan to read it some time..I found this link where you can read the novel online..as the series is not finished I would like to know taiki's story, what happened in the kingdom of Tai etc.. http://www.eugenewoodbury.com/index.html

and do you speak french a little? I found good sites in french too..I don't understand everything, but I like it.. http://juuni.kokki.free.fr/html/menu.htm

I should study for my final exam, so I have to reduce watching anime and put off translating subtitles..:-((((

chamomille May 5, 2008

btw, what anime is your avatar from? I like it..handsome boy:-)

chamomille May 5, 2008

I read your answer in fansubbing thread and I wanted to see your profile..

I love Twelve Kingdoms too!!..and I want to translate english subtitles for this series in the first place..what did you like about it exactly?

and..you are usefull for other anime fan :-))