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Apr 13, 2013

Quite possibly one of the most amazing anime ever made.

I never liked the school life kind of anime, never really wanted to try it but a friend of mine told me to try and watch this and then come back and thank him later. I watched 2 episodes after work one day and then proceeded to call in sick the next day and watch the entire series. I can't explain in words how good this show really is. I am not a guy who normally likes drama and romance a whole lot...I don't mind them but if given the option its not really the first thing I go for but in the case of this show as soon as it was done I started watching a whole lot of other school life/romance/drama anime trying to find something else that even came close to Clannad...No luck its really 1 of a kind IMO.

The story is amazing, it can make you laugh, Make you happy, make you annoyed and make you wanna cry. It gets all the responses out of you and the perfect times. No matter how bad you feel one minute it has the ability to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside a few minutes later...This is in massive contrast to the other anime I watched at that time Air! which only had the ability to make me depressed...Sure Clannad made me sad but it did a whole lot of other emotions too..

The characters are amazing, honestly watching them made me wanna be a better person. They are very relatable characters, very human in the way they act, all of them have their flaws but these flaws don't lower the character they raise them up. Make them feel like real people who you're watching and not just characters in an anime.

The story jumps around a little through different plots and of course some are slightly better than others but all in all you enjoy them all. The anime really makes me feel for those having harder lives and shows that you really can't judge a book by its cover...The main character is considered a degenerate but in all honestly I don't remember any show where i've seen a more caring character. The man goes well out of his way to help everyone around him and doesn't ever want a reward....Sounds like a mr perfect syndrome but despite this attitude you don't look at him like someone trying to be good you just see someone who can't fight their nature.

All in all one of the most amazing stories around and its good enough to turn someone like me who didn't like the genre a whole lot to someone whos looking up different anime of the same kind now.

amazing amazing anime. Recomended to all who are looking for something a bit deeper.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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