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My name is -------- or my nickname Jewel. I am taken by the most lovely person on the face of the earth, my panda-bear. We've been together for a year, a month, and some odd days now. He's mine and I will not share with anyone. A bit about me, I don't like new people. I am horribly shy around new people. I could do without meeting someone new---forever it seems. x_x I have nothing better to do but to dance around my room, sing, watch anime, and go onto the computer. In the summer I enjoy walking around the block, swimming, and walking back out in the feilds near my house. Reminds me, I hate winter. I enjoy the warmth of summer---cold places aren't for me. In my free time I write crappy poetry and small stories. There really isn't anything special about me. I just consider myself-well me. xP Take it or leave it!

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